Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3OH!3 at UNC!

Happy Spring everyone! I hope spring break was/is going awesome for you. I'm here to tell you about an awesome event UNC has every year. It's (drumroll please) THE SPRING CONCERT! We all look forward to this because the University Programming Council (Link here: always gets an awesome well-known band. This year we have 3OH!3 with Air Dubai as their opening band! We are so excited. You might know this band from their hit back a couple years ago "Don't trust me". Last year the school brought in Shwayze and Sammy Adams, and the year before that we had Boys Like Girls. In the past we've had The Fray, The Flobots, and WAY back in the day UNC even hosted The Red Hot Chili Peppers! (Remember we've been around since 1889 so we've had a few years to get some great bands here ;) )

The UPC puts on some awesome events here on campus. Coming up they are hosting laser tag in our sports pavillion. They got a company to bring in all the equipment and they are decking the building out like a laser tag course! They also are the host of all of our open mic nights, poetry slams, bowling tournaments, comedians, and much more. The group has paid positions for students, and it is an awesome way to get a fun job with lots of leadership experience that puts on events for the entire university.

These are just a few on the events the UPC puts on to make UNC awesome!

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